October 26

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Wellness Content Management overview:

The content calendar is the second button on the left tab. From here you will be able to schedule and plan out your content for days, weeks, or months ahead of time. 

You will notice we only show a week at a time but you are able to skip forward to upcoming weeks and plan for those as well. It’s as simple as clicking on the “+ Add Content” buttons on whichever day you choose to input content. The content is labeled in order: workouts, nutrition, and best self. 

The green button at the top is a shortcut button to create a challenge. Something that lasts longer than one day and gives your members a chance to input their scores throughout the duration of it. 

You’ll notice on the calendar view that an orange bar indicates that you have a challenge planned for the span of those days. 

If you are wanting to click on a past or future day that already has content uploaded you will be able to see what that content is and its engagement at the bottom.


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