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Wellness Content Management

Wellness Content Management overview: The content calendar is the second button on the left tab. From here you will be able to schedule and plan out your content for days, weeks, or months ahead of time.  You will notice we only show a week at a time but you are

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how to add and manage users in wellness work software

How to add and manage users in Wellness Work

In the “manage user” section, you can input one email address at a time or upload a CSV. file of emails. (* A CSV. file is an excel file with every email you wish to add listed in the very first column of the sheet, no title necessary.) Everyone will

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Wellness Work Content Library

The Wellness.Work Content Library provides you with a baseline of content for you to rely on if needed. All of the content supplied is something that can be done in an office environment with no equipment needed. These workouts take 5-20 mins to complete and are accessible at any skill

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My Content Library

My Content Library

My Content Library is the 3rd tab on your left menu. From here you will be able to upload all the content you’ll ever need for your community. The green button on the top right will give you access to create new content. All of this content will be in

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Wellness.Work Admin Dashboard

How to Navigate the Wellness.Work Admin Dashboard The Wellness.Work admin dashboard is the first screen you will see every time you log into the admin portal. This is a snapshot you can see at a glance of how your program is going daily, It is meant to be viewed after

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Push Notifications

How to use the Wellness.Work push notification system Notifications from your wellness portal are a unique mix between the work email and a personalized text to your employee base. Associating your wellness program with a work email certainly does not motivate you to get up and get healthy, if anything

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manage employees' wellbeing remotely

How to Get Started Using Wellness.Work

Here are some easy first steps to get your program up and running using Wellness.Work! When you first log in, your dashboard will be empty..  That’s okay, it just means the software is ready to be utilized to bring your program to life. Follow these steps to begin your simple,

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mobile app overview

Mobile App General Overview

This video is a detailed overview of what your employees can expect from a user experience standpoint. Our mobile apps are useful tools for your employees to easily receive the content your wellness coordinator inputs from within the admin website.

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Admin Panel General Overview

This video goes through the Wellness.Work Admin panel to show you all of the data and features important to help implement a fun and creative employee wellness program utilizing the Wellness.Work Software.

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