Elevate Your Corporate Wellness Experience

Wellness software that connects all aspects of your program in one online community.

You shouldn’t have to use wellness software that is complex and confusing

No more frustration. Don’t let your current tools hold you back. Save time to focus on what really matters.

Connect Your Community Everywhere

With a collaborative, fun experience for members to interact with it. Wellness.Work powers a superior wellness experience.

Kari Bukur

Wellness Director

Urschel Laboratories

“We’ve tried the all-in-one wellness packages but I love that Wellness.Work is laser-focused on the remote wellness experience. It is the best option for creating a truly unique online wellness community.”

Julie Stahl

wellness coordinator

Valparaiso Community Schools

I’ve been hesitant to pay for another service in addition to what we already have but Wellness.Work has brought us into the 21st century of technology. It gives employees access to health & wellness at their fingertips! It has exceeded all expectations and I am amazed at the member engagement. Love it!!!

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