January 18

Work Trends in the Pandemic Crisis and Beyond

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected how the world worked. It has significantly impacted how businesses conduct their operations and employee management. Employees have to navigate and find solutions to adapt to the new normal.

In today’s agenda will discuss how to adapt to the business operations during the pandemic. We will focus on the issues on how to manage the employees remotely and ways to take care of their wellness.

Work-From-Home Problems

The first few months working from home may seem like bliss. You can attend meetings in your pajamas, you have more control of your time, and you have to say goodbye to the morning traffic. But as months continued to pass, employees have realized the problems when working from home.

Psychology Today emphasizes the importance of work breaks on how it can increase the employee’s productivity. Rather than working long hours and coming up with crappy work, take breaks so you can perform best.

Don’t you just miss your co-workers? Don’t you miss the lunch break bondings in the office pantry? Or the morning coffee where you get to catch up with the latest gossips?

Social interaction is another challenge of work-from-home employees, and this is something the management should address to improve the employee’s wellness.

Collaboration Problems

work trends post pandemic

According to the Forbes survey, one of the challenges faced by a business, especially for work-from-home arrangements, is the collaboration and communication between employees. Employees who have a job that requires solo work may seem effective, but those who work as a team find it more challenging to collaborate.

This affects their ability to focus, creativity, and motivation to work. Compared to face-to-face arrangements in the office where they got used to, it’s hard to decide or consult something about their task. When you’re in the office, you can ask for advice from your colleague or supervisor.

This is a challenge when working from home, especially when the person you’re asking for advice is offline. It seems like you can’t continue with your work, and you have to pause. As a result, you lose your momentum in concentration, and you may miss a deadline.

Health and Wellness Problems

work trends in the pandemic

Then there are health and wellness problems of employees. This is so far the biggest challenge when working remotely. No more walking around the office, no more riding your bike to work, no more long walks as part of your commute, plus you don’t get enough fresh air and Mr. Sun anymore.

Luckily, there are ways to ensure that business owners can monitor and manage their employees’ wellness remotely. With Wellness.work, companies are now experiencing healthier employees resulting in being more productive and more profitable.

The company-wide fitness challenge includes uploading your daily workouts, completing fitness challenges, and monitoring your healthy eating.

What better way to remotely monitor the health of your employees? After all, they are the pillars of a company.

When the management takes care of their employees’ health, the business will have more profit, and employee satisfaction is guaranteed. Book a demo now for a free trial with Wellness.work and elevate your corporate wellness experience.

About the author 

Devin Martin

Devin is one of the original founders of ChallengeMe, LLC the parent company of Wellness.Work. When Devin isn't serving his day to day duties as Wellness.Work's chief marketing officer you can find him at his local gym or at his homestead spending time with his wife and 4 beautiful kids.

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