How Wellness.Work Software Works

get healthier, together.

Wellness.Work is more than just corporate wellness software - its a competitive advantage. Companies that use Wellness.Work are healthier, more productive, and more profitable. They have a sense of culture that inspires them to be better. They are laser focused and far more efficient everyday. Here's how Wellness.work makes it happen.

easily manage your program with wellness.work's admin dashboard

< Create daily workout, nutrition and motivational "best self" content for your employees to easily digest every day. 

< Use content that you make or use our ready to go pre-made wellness.work content from our on staff wellness team.

simplicity is key for increased engagement

We break up your wellness program into a daily feed for your employees that consists of fitness challenges, daily workouts, daily nutrition and daily best self posts. Each type of post contains the ability for social commenting, liking, favoriting, etc. Our content management system is super flexible. Content is only limited by your imagination.

Company wide fitness challenges

Employees can enter into company wide fitness challenges, enter their results and upload proof of their completion in the form of videos or images. All results are automatically organized on a company leaderboard and all employee entries are stored for their very own personal record keeping.

daily Workouts

Workouts that can be done within 15 to 20 minutes at the office, gym or home. Create your own workouts our use our premade workout content from our trainer on staff.

daily Nutrition

Nutritional recipes, tips and tricks for your employees. Create your own nutritional content or use our ready to go premade nutritional posts inside the Wellness.Work library.

daily Best Self

Mental health, financial wellness, and self improvement content. Provide powerful content for your employees brains. Create your own or have us help your organization.

every employee gets their own Wellness.work account. accessible by either ios or android app.

remote wellness just got real.

Getting wellness to your employees wherever, whenever has never been easier. With the creation of new wellness content, all employees will be notified of what's on today's agenda. On top of that, with every post, employees can comment, post videos of their workouts, and support one another with a thumbs up. All with notifications to keep everyone engaged. 

Keep everyone in the loop without all the emails

Need to make an announcement quickly? Create a notification that goes right to your employees mobile device. Need to make sure an important announcement is made in the future? Schedule a notification while it's on your mind ahead of time and the notification will be sent to your employees mobile device when you want.

Easily track participation, engagement, and results with Wellness.Work analytics.

Wellness.Work comes with engagement analytics to help you understand the truth behind your fitness challenges and wellness programs. We did this to eliminate the hundreds of emails, feedback surveys and in person conversations it takes to grasp the traction of your wellness initiatives. 

Next time you do a fitness challenge with your business you will understand how many people liked it, viewed it, started it and completed it everyday you login to your administrative website.

When you set your company with the daily workout, nutrition and mindset content you will be able to see how many people are liking each category of content as well as compare the data over weeks, month or year to date. This helps you better understand the type of content your employees want which will help you continue to enhance employee engagement.

create your online private wellness community.

Wellness.Work lets your entire workforce rally around one single app for their daily wellness. One platform that is easy to use and understand. One place to check for notifications. No more constantly downloading new apps and no more spreadsheets or emails.