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Fun and Easy Workout Challenges to Boost Your Corporate Wellness Program

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Having a corporate wellness program is just the first step in creating a healthier and happier workforce.

For the program to succeed, your team members have to actually participate in it.  

Workout challenges are an excellent way to boost employee engagement. It sparks a little friendly competition, makes fitness more fun, and incentivizes your employees to commit to their health and wellness goals.  

Take your corporate wellness program to the next level with these workout challenges!

Ideas for Workout Challenges

The 8-Minute Workout Challenge

Many people can’t bear the thought of working out for a full hour, but 8 minutes? Easy and doable for most!

This challenge involves a set of exercises with short rests in between, lasting for only 8 minutes. It’s a great way to kickstart your team’s fitness journey, especially those who are not used to an active lifestyle.

Start small (maybe a stretching routine on day 1), and offer points they can exchange for prizes. You can also ramp it up over time— make it longer, and add more difficult exercises!

The Stair Climbing Challenge

workout challenges for employee wellness

If your office building has stairs, challenge your employees to skip the elevator. Ask everyone to use a Fitbit or use an app that tracks their steps.

The person with the greatest number of steps wins! You can switch it up by making it a timed challenge, such as who did the most steps in the shortest time.

The 30-Day Chair Fitness Challenge

A great corporate wellness program should also be inclusive. This challenge is easy enough to be done by almost anyone, regardless of body weight, physical capabilities, and state of health. In fact, they don’t even have to stand up!

This challenge workouts such as single-leg calf raises, seated hip marches, heel slides, seated torso twists, and other chair-based exercises. Everybody who can complete this 30-day challenge gets a small token!

The 5K Challenge

Take your workout challenge to the next level by inviting your employees to join a 5K marathon! You can offer prizes to top finishes, or everyone who participates.

To help them prepare and foster team spirit, schedule regular training sessions for participants.

The Pack-Your-Lunch-to-Work Challenge

This one may not be a workout, but it’s essential to any fitness challenge. Corporate wellness programs should also encourage healthy eating habits among employees.

Challenge your employees to prepare homemade, nutritious lunches for work instead of buying food or ordering in. Gamify it by giving them a specific recipe to follow for certain days. Make it more fun by incorporating mini-challenges, like whose lunch looks the best!

As for prizes, make them food-related. For instance, you can reward them with grocery coupons, gourmet food packs, or fruits and veggie baskets.

Finally, these workout challenges don’t just encourage fitness in the workplace. They can also inspire stronger team spirit, build loyalty, increase productivity, and make the office a more pleasant place to be in.

Running out of ideas for workout challenges? Boost engagement even more— invite your employees to come up with unique and creative fitness ideas and reward the best ones!

To top it all, make your corporate wellness program successful by having an efficient wellness tracking software that encourages all employees to participate and motivates them for even greater engagement.

Have Successful Workout Challenges With Our Wellness Software

With such software, implementing a program need not be just in the office setting. Every employee can upload their workouts, nutrition plans, and health-related efforts for everyone to gain inspiration from. Schedule a demo now!

About the author 

Devin Martin

Devin is one of the original founders of ChallengeMe, LLC the parent company of Wellness.Work. When Devin isn't serving his day to day duties as Wellness.Work's chief marketing officer you can find him at his local gym or at his homestead spending time with his wife and 4 beautiful kids.

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