November 19

These 5 Signs Actually Mean Your Company Needs a Corporate Wellness Program

corporate wellness programs


Your company’s number 1 asset is not the stocks or investments- it’s your employees. When employees are not happy with their workplace, it reflects on their performance and may affect the business operations.

There are countless strategies to improve in the workplace, and a corporate wellness program is one of the best options. But what are the signs you should look for to know that your company needs a corporate wellness program? Here are five signs you should observe, and if you notice at least one sign, it’s time to improve on the workplace.

5 Signs That Your Company Needs a Wellness Program

#1 Poor Work Performance

Employees undergo workplace stress for various reasons: overworked, underpaid,

unappreciated, or an underlying illness. This results in the poor work performance of the employee, also called presenteeism.

The poor work performance will reflect on missed deadlines, doing their jobs the wrong way, or not doing their job at all. When you observe this in the workplace with two or more employees, it’s time to consider investing in a corporate wellness program.

#2 Excessive Tardiness and Absences

If your employees are tardy and absent all the time, it can mean that they lost their dedication to thrive for success. This is a bad trait for an employee, and it is contagious to other employees. There will come a time for other employees to want to take revenge and be absent and tardy too.

You don’t want up in that worst-case scenario, would you? That is why when you notice even one employee who is habitually late and absent, think of availing a corporate wellness program to address the issues.

The activities in a corporate wellness program will try to figure out the reasons for the late and absences. It will also help address the issues, so this won’t happen again in the future.

# 3 Problems with Employee Retention

When a company could not retain its employees, a fast turnover could mean something deeper. Should you start questioning if there’s something wrong? Studies show that the high turn-over rate of a company is caused by workplace stress.

If you see a pattern of employees rendering a resignation in a short time frame, a corporate wellness program is badly needed for your company. Always take care of your employees and make sure they are healthy and happy.

# 4 Lack of Teamwork

If you fail to see teamwork with the employees, a corporate wellness program’s group activities might help. The team will learn how to focus on one goal, share ideas, help each other, and practice conflict resolution.

#5 Poor Work-Life Balance

Last and the most important sign is the poor work-life balance of employees. How will you observe this? They work overtime even on weekends, they take home their work, look sloppy in the morning, don’t take vacations, have no dating life or free time to spend with their family. This is a red flag, and immediate intervention of a corporate wellness program is needed.


The holistic approach of a corporate wellness program is to address employees’ wellbeing, promote healthy habits, boost employee engagement, and have a harmonious relationship with colleagues.

All of these will not just retain your loyal and hardworking employees, but this will also help in company performance and less operational expenses. Book a demo with us today to help you manage a wellness program.

About the author 

Devin Martin

Devin is one of the original founders of ChallengeMe, LLC the parent company of Wellness.Work. When Devin isn't serving his day to day duties as Wellness.Work's chief marketing officer you can find him at his local gym or at his homestead spending time with his wife and 4 beautiful kids.

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