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Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail: The Roadblocks and What You Can Do About Them

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The Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail

Knowing the possible reasons why corporate wellness programs fail will help you prepare for what could happen. So, plan your activities well and start by reading this post.

The end-goal of a corporate wellness program (CWP) is to lower the healthcare costs of the employees by promoting a health and wellness lifestyle.

There are many other benefits that a successful CWP brings. Healthy and happy employees have better performance, increased morale, fewer absences, and enhanced loyalty.

It all boils down to lower healthcare costs that will benefit the company. But, without a clear plan, it will be difficult to realize the benefits. Start planning by foreseeing these possible roadblocks.

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail Reason #1: Lack of Leadership Support

Leaders are role models from which the organization takes inspiration. And yes, it includes leading a healthy lifestyle.

Studies have shown that organizations with leaders who participate and support corporate wellness programs tend to have higher participation rates.

Hence, the management must communicate well with the rest of the organization its intention to improve the well-being of the employees. Or else, CWPs may fail to attract active participation.

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail Reason #2: Unclear Objectives

The success of a CWP lies in how well the objectives that the wellness committee set are met. But it will be difficult to measure success without these set expectations.

When you set objectives, think SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). Here are some guide questions:

  • What are your key performance indices?
  • How much is your target healthcare savings?
  • Are these aligned to the goal of the program?
  • Are the activities feasible?
  • For how long will you measure the results?

Then, generate your specific objectives that will direct the activities.

Just the same, monitoring of your chosen metrics is important. A good tracking system can help you optimize what works in your CWP.

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail Reason #3: Lack of Consistency

Sometimes, a corporate wellness program starts off well but participation wanes. And the lack of follow-through could be a result of any of the following:

  • Lack of motivation: Without a clear monitoring practice or a consistent reward system, the CWP may fail. Gamification of the program can do wonders. Give rewards when employees achieve certain milestones.  Again, you need a good tracking or monitoring system for this.
  • Lack of reminders: Frequent reminders of good eating and exercising habits will keep the participants on track. Sometimes, information is scattered across various media. This can cause confusion and a lack of focus. You need a powerful communication system for this.
  • Feeling like a chore: Employees should easily integrate their activities with their personal life. Encourage them to do activities with their family. And so, it becomes easier for them to participate.

Revolutionize your Corporate Wellness Program

Cultivating a culture of health and wellness among employees requires time, effort, and resources. And success comes after careful planning and execution.

There can be many reasons why corporate wellness programs fail. But there are ways to help you succeed, too.

One way is by investing in a tool to help you organize and deploy your corporate wellness program. It can even measure its progress. And you can do this safely and remotely with wellness.work.

With this software, you can send out purposeful content to your organization. And you can gain insights into your employees’ activities fast. Hence, you can make data-driven decisions and pivot accordingly.

To fully experience how this can help manage your activities, start by booking a demo with wellness.work now and revolutionize your corporate wellness program.

About the author 

Devin Martin

Devin is one of the original founders of ChallengeMe, LLC the parent company of Wellness.Work. When Devin isn't serving his day to day duties as Wellness.Work's chief marketing officer you can find him at his local gym or at his homestead spending time with his wife and 4 beautiful kids.

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