October 26

Wellness Work Content Library

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The Wellness.Work Content Library provides you with a baseline of content for you to rely on if needed. All of the content supplied is something that can be done in an office environment with no equipment needed. These workouts take 5-20 mins to complete and are accessible at any skill level.

All of our workout content comes with video walkthroughs of how each movement should be done. These can be used in place of your workout content or viewed for inspiration for your own workout planning.

We also provide a baseline package of nutritional content. This is to help your employees make healthy choices when it comes to their daily habits. This is not a macro or micro plan but more of a list of healthy alternatives that may inspire an employee to make healthier choices throughout their day. 

If you have a smaller company without a full-time wellness program you can sign in and fill your calendar with our content to get your program jumpstarted.

Soon after doing that you’ll see how easy it is to start uploading your own content and next thing you know you’ll have a fully built-out wellness program for your community.


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