simplicity is our focus

We break up your wellness program into a daily feed that consists of fitness challenges, daily workouts, daily nutrition and daily best self posts. Each type of wellness post contains the ability for social commenting, liking, favoriting, etc. 

Company wide fitness challenges

You can now do the Urschel's company wide fitness challenges on Wellness.Work, enter your results and upload proof of completion in the form of videos or images. All results are automatically organized on a company leaderboard and all your entries are stored for your very own personal record keeping.

daily Workouts

Workouts that can be done within 15 to 20 minutes at the office, gym or home. Workouts are created by Kari from the Urschel's wellness team.

daily Nutrition

Nutritional recipes, tips and tricks. Kari and the rest of the Urschel's wellness team will be sharing nutritional information to help you stay on track with a good diet.

daily Best Self

Mental health, financial wellness, and self improvement content. Powerful content for your brain. This section of our app is to help 

on november 18th, 2020 You will receive your own Urschel's Wellness.work account.

here's the steps to get inside the urschel's wellness work system.

Step 1

You will receive an invite from Wellness.Work saying you have been invited to join the Urschel's Wellness.Work Program. This is scheduled to go out on November 18th, 2020.

Step 2

Click on the link in the email and register your user account. It will ask for your name, username and password. Keep in mind that you can create an anonymous profile where only Kari will know who you are in the system.

Step 3

After successfully creating your account, download the Wellness.Work app and login with the credentials you just created. You will now have access to the Urschel's Wellness.Work program.

Employee experience overview with the wellness.work app available on androids and iphones.