October 26

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How to use the Wellness.Work push notification system

Notifications from your wellness portal are a unique mix between the work email and a personalized text to your employee base. Associating your wellness program with a work email certainly does not motivate you to get up and get healthy, if anything work emails come with expectations and stress.

A text message is a bit too personal to be coming from your wellness program. With a notification coming from your wellness program you will know right away that whatever information you are about to see is with your best interest in mind. 

Click the “Create notification” green button on your dashboard,

Next, you will be prompted to put in the date which you would like to send it out. If you want to send it right away you can fill out the information on the spot and it will send. If you want to schedule it for a future date it will send out the morning of the date chosen.

The notification name is the title of what will show up on the phone. The mobile details are the 1-2 sentences that show up on the lock screen or banner notification tab on an employee’s phone.

The notification details are what the users will see when they open the notification in the app itself. This can include links as well as pictures that are uploaded to the detail section.


push notifications

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