October 26

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My Content Library is the 3rd tab on your left menu. From here you will be able to upload all the content you’ll ever need for your community. The green button on the top right will give you access to create new content. All of this content will be in the same format so that when your private community is viewing it they will always know where to look for what they need. 

Once your content is created it will be stored and organized by category on this screen. At any time you can click on the content you have already made and edit or change things if necessary.

You can filter for each category as well as search by title within each one to find the content you are looking for. If you have a particular piece of content that is very popular or that you want to retest in the future you can “favorite” it to easily find it again. 

When you use a piece of content once and then use it again in the future your members who engaged the first time will notice that their previous scores are recorded and dated. This gives you the ability to track progress within your community.


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